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Folk Arts Program

The Folk Arts Program works with Mid-Hudson regional folk artists and tradition bearers to preserve and present the rich heritage and diversity of area residents.

Who has folkore in their lives?
We all do. Folklore is the lullaby your mother sang to you and that you sing to your baby; the food that must be on the table or it just isn’t Thanksgiving; or the home remedies used to cure the common cold.

Folklore is passed down through our families, ethnicity, culture, and even our work: The belief that chili peppers will turn out spicier if you plant them while angry; using our grandmother’s patterns to weave a rug and the stories told by the experienced firefighter to the newbie. Folklore is the essence of who we are culturally.

Interactive Public Programs for All
Public programming ranging from festivals to interactive cultural educational programs to workshops, the Folk Arts program presents the folklife of area cultural, ethnic, occupational, regional, and religious groups.

Ethnographic Research
Documentation of traditional forms of creative expression among area cultural, ethnic, occupational, regional, and religious groups, including formal and informal interviews, photographing, recording, and videotaping expressive forms, scholarly research and attending community events.

Technical Assistance
Providing support and assistance to area cultural organizations and community groups engaged in cultural outreach and programming. Assistance ranges from program collaboration to connecting artisans, musicians, and dancers with performance opportunities.

Want to know more? Contact our Folk Arts Program Manager, Elinor Levy at 845-454-3222


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