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Kinship: The Inspiration of Artistic Connection


Promotional Image: Ineffable Pattern #1 by Steven Cabral

Artists: Corina Alvarezdelugo, Deborah Read Belguendouz, Steve Cabral, Steve Cozart, Deborah Davidson, Robert Freeman, Edi Friedlander, Tracy Hayes, Alex Jackson, Joel Longenecker, Jenny Nelson, Ruby Palmer, Ransome, Deborah Roberts, Peter Rostovsky, Ben Sloat, Molly Snee, Laurel Sparks, Tara Tamaribuchi, Oliver Wasow, Deb Todd Wheeler, Philemona Williamson

Kinship: The Inspiration of Artistic Connection

Curated by Ransome

“Our families, our friends, our teachers: kinships are the connections that orient us and guide us in our lifetimes. In my art-making, too, I have discovered kinships—sometimes in artists whose work I have admired from a distance, other times in those who have become my good friends.

Though I would need to fill a sprawling museum to include all the artists who have inspired me, for this virtual exhibition with Art MidHudson, I have brought together a curation of works by a few of the artists who have, in some way, contributed to my artistic growth. Sometimes this influence came in the form of insightful comments; other times in illuminating paths for me to take on my own journey; others still have moved me simply through their manner of being and in the care they take in their own practices. I’ve titled this exhibition Kinship: The Inspiration of Artistic Connection because I consider all these artists to be part of my creative family.”


Virtual Artist Talk – April 18 at 1pm 

Join us (virtually) for a panel discussion for Kinship: The Inspiration of Artistic Connection curated by Ransome.

Painters Steven Cozart (artist, educator, and documentarian), Philemona Williamson (a narrative painter who has shown widely in the United States and abroad), Tracy Hayes (work has been shown and is in collections throughout the Northeast), Jenny Nelson (abstract painter and a painting instructor), and Ransome (works included in the Petrucci Family Foundation Collection of African- American Art) will be discussing 21st Century Painting moderated by Laura Domencic, the executive Director of the Erie Art Museum in Pennsylvania as our moderator.

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