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Postcard from my Studio

We want to take this opportunity to help showcase the amazing work our member artists are doing in their studios.

Starting March 30, 2020, we will highlight an artist a day on social media. We will also send a recap at the end of every week via email and keep a profile here on this webpage

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black and gold circle with swirls and text

Jessica Baker

Bubbles in front of a landscape

Peter Brown

Abstract painting with green, blue, and red circles

Monica d. Church

Painting of woman walking through a vineyard

Stacie Flint

Donut inside a pink mailbox

Rosalia Henry

Circle fused glass with green, yellow, white and red swirls

Robert Lechterman

Five clay vases

Sally Rothchild

Birds flying across a cloudy sky

David Swope

Jim Bennett

Cavern with light coming through

Steven Steele Cawman

Painting of purple flower

Ellen Crimmins

Gray stuffed bunny with a striped sweater on

Jenni Glassford

White stone vase

Lynne James

Purple metal abstract in white rock

Karen Madden

three copper gears

Bill Rybak

Two created figures with wrapped blankets as bodies, baskets as heads, and deer skulls for heads

Riva Weinstein

multi media story book

Susan Berger

Rectangle piece with black lace and pink flower petals

Donna Castelluccio

multicolored papercut

Susan Spencer Crowe

multi media image of sheet music, silouettes of dancers and landscapes

Jerome Goldberg

A clay pot with a tree design

Nicole Jurain

Painting on an easel of migrant workers getting out of a yellow truck

Barbara Masterson

Succulent ring on a woman's finger

Marysa Sacerdote

multi media sculptures on different level platforms

Fay Wood

Portrait of man dripping with yellow paint

Sean Bowen

Photograph of old barn at night

Marianna Crans

Female slouching on chair

Donna Faranda

Painting of mountains and sky

Hana Gordon

Purple Finch

Paul Kmiotek

curled ocean wave with a pink sunset in the background

Marlo Richards

Woman flipping her hair in front of a mirror

Donald Schwartz

Black light painting with multiple

Zelda (aka Judith Z. Miller)

Barbara Bravo

germination of sunflower

Kara Cerilli

Woven tapestry of lavender

Mary Flad

Clouds and sunset

Tom Hackett

woman with wreath on her head

Pam Krimsky

A pair of gold earrings

Amy Rosen

Book Cover, This is How I Speak

Sandi Sonnenfeld

Bouquet of paper flowers

Xuewu Zheng

human wigs for sale tend to look more natural but are rather heavy.