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Hope & Ambition

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H.o.G._OS_Version_XX_1 by Suprina Troche

Thursday, February 18 at 5:00 p.m.: Zoom Artist Talk: Join us (virtually) as we host a second Artist Talk for our member’s show, Hope & Ambition. The show will be on-view in Arts Mid-Hudson’s virtual gallery through the end of February.

Hope & Ambition

Historically, what artists have created through adverse times has also brought communities together. In this exhibit, Hope & Ambition, Arts Mid-Hudson’s artist members explore what can be born out of ambition for a hopeful tomorrow.

The historian, Howard Zinn described the role of the artists in society: “I think of the word “transcendent.” It is a word I never use in public, but it’s the only word I can come up with to describe what I think about the role of artists. By transcendent, I mean that the artist transcends the immediate. Transcends the here and now. Transcends the madness of the world. …The artist thinks, acts, performs music, and writes outside the framework that society has created.”

The very act of making art is hopeful, for it means the artist has cast their vision into the future. In this exhibit, the Arts Mid-Hudson members present their artworks – whether it is photography, ceramics, paintings, video, drawing, or poetry, the artistic hope and ambition will transcend where we are today and look ahead.

Participating Artists:

James Bennett, Sydney Cash, Kara Cerilli, Cassandra Clarke, Chris Collins, Ellen Crimmins, David Curtis, Maxine Davidowitz, Penny Dell, Felicidad Dukes, Donna Faranda, Maria Elena Ferrer-Harrington, Harriet Forman Barrett, Rose Gennaro, Karen Gersch, Jerome Goldberg, Claudia Gorman, Laura Gurton, Bryan Henry, Cara Hochhalter, Roxie Johnson, Nicole Jurain, Pam Krimsky, Carole Kunstadt, Barbara Masterson, Diane-Ellen McCarron, Karen Michel, Zelda aka Judith Z. Miller, Franc Palaia, Sally Schaedler, Donald Schwartz, Pat Sinatra, Barbara Todd, Suprina Troche, Crystal Yang, Xuewu Zheng

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