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Postcard from my Studio

We want to take this opportunity to help showcase the amazing work our member artists are doing in their studios.

Starting March 30, 2020, we will highlight an artist a day on social media. We will also send a recap at the end of every week via email and keep a profile here on this webpage

Click here to fill out your information so we can share your art and work.

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Contact Melissa, [email protected] (subject line: Postcard from my Studio)

curled ocean wave with a pink sunset in the background

Marlo Richards has been creating original paintings inspired by nature with alcohol-based ink and markers on Yupo paper. Check out her on Facebook and Instagram @groovychickart

Woven tapestry of lavender

Mary Flad is a fiber artist, working primarily in the medium of woven tapestry. Her design inspiration is drawn primarily from the landscape, and from plant forms. Connect with Mary on Facebook

Gray stuffed bunny with a striped sweater on

Jenni Glassford creates handmade heirloom animals and dolls made with traditional methods and natural materials. Connect with Jenni on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @wonderandkind

three copper gears

Bill Rybak’s work spans a variety of media, from rough-hewn wood sculptures to complex mixed-media installations and paintings, to digital models and graphics and various other hybrid works. If it has a focus it’s in the contradictions inherent in the way we speak/think and frame our social interactions. Connect with Bill on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @billrybakfinearts