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Artwork by Kyra Husbands


Reflection was on view in the Arts Mid-Hudson gallery during Black History Month, and due to the pandemic we were unable to have a closing. Thanks to the help of the participating artists and curator Marline A. Martin, we are thrilled to present Reflection virtually.

Now more than ever we must raise our voices to celebrate and where necessary, insist, that society continue to recognize black artists, educators, culture and tradition. Art gives us the power to reach, teach and inspire so many people without words.


Art works include paintings, photography, sculpture and mixed media. With each piece of art in the exhibition, people are inspired to pursue their dreams and learn a new perspective. Each artist tells their own stories to capture the black experience. Art plays an important part of not only black history– but for everyone to make connections and learn more about each other in the community.

Through art, we hope to empower the communities we live in and confront the injustices in our society. While these works were not created on the platform of Black Lives Matter, we hope that they will serve as an introductory source of light.

– Marline A. Martin, Curator of Reflection

Promotional Image by Kyra Husbands

Artists: Jean Benoit, Haile Binns, Kara R. Bledsoe, Martial James Davis, Queen Mother Dòwòti Désir, Helen Douglas*, Kyra Husbands, Donovan Nelson, Manny Ofori, and Richard Outlaw

*Participated in the in-person exhibition.

About the Curator:

Marline A. Martin is an artist, curator, writer and storyteller. She holds Master of Fine Arts from the City College of New York and is a 2017 recipient of Arts Mid-Hudson Individual Artist Commission, a 2012 Community Partner Award recipient from Zeta Phi Beta/Five Pearls Foundation, and a 2008 recipient of Harlem Women of Excellence Award for the Arts. Marline is also the executive director of CREATE Council (formerly the Greene County Council on the the Arts).

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