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Ulster County Executive’s Arts Awards Nominations

DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS – Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Arts Mid-Hudson is requesting nominations for the 9th Annual Ulster County Executive’s Arts Awards. Nominees must be residents of Ulster County and businesses or organizations must have a place of business in Ulster County.

There are 10 categories this year:

Artivist: Recognizes an Ulster-based artist (activist) who has taken up the charge through their art to highlight social issues.

Arts Education Award: acknowledges an Ulster-based educator, teaching artist, arts or educational administrator, school, school district or organization that, through extraordinary vision and leadership, has expanded or enriched arts education opportunities to students in Ulster County.

Arts Organization Award: rewards an Ulster-based arts organization that has made an important contribution to the growth of Ulster County’s cultural life over a significant period of time.

Award for Art in Public Places; awards an Ulster-based individual artist, arts organization, school, or community group that has successfully designed and installed a public art project.

Business/Corporation Award: recognizes an Ulster County business or corporation that has demonstrated extraordinary support of the arts and/or vision and leadership in using the arts to enhance community life and enrich Ulster County’s cultural heritage.

Inclusion in the Arts: recognizes an Ulster County individual, business or group that advances inclusive opportunities for persons with disabilities with the intention of building and empowering equity and access to the arts within Ulster County.

Individual Artist Award: recognizes an individual residing in Ulster County, whose achievements in his/her discipline are widely recognized and who has demonstrated a compelling or unique artistic vision.

Patron/Philanthropy Award: recognizes an individual or family residing in Ulster County, who has/have made a significant contribution to the arts through extraordinary leadership, personal financial commitment or philanthropic activities.

Volunteer Award: recognizes an individual residing in Ulster County, who has/have made a significant contribution to the arts as a board member, volunteer, or other services.

Youth with Exceptional Promise in the Arts: recognizes an Ulster County resident and either a high school or college student ages 16 through 22 as of June 2021, working or studying in all arts disciplines including visual, performing, literary, film/video, and computer, among others. The nominee must be available to attend the virtual event in June. (*Note: supporting attachments are REQUIRED for nominations in this category.)

Finalists and recipients will be chosen based on their impact in the arts within Ulster County and beyond, and their influence in the community. The review committee reserves the right to not select an awardee in any category. Typically, only one award is given in each category.

Nominations must be submitted by 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, March 24, 2021 and recipients will be selected by an awards panel comprised of professionals in the field. Note that recipients are not chosen by the number of nominations received, but by the QUALITY of their work and by the depth of which it benefits the Ulster County community.

Award winners will be recognized by Ulster County’s arts, cultural, civic, and business leaders, at a festive virtual reception in June 2021.

Nominees must be residents of, or corporations/organizations doing business in, Ulster County.

NOTE: Nominations may not be made for past recipients* however if you nominated someone last year who did not win you may nominate them again.


Past Recipients

*Ulster County Executive’s Arts Awards Past Recipients
Nancy Donskoj, 2015 Special Citation
Donald Elder, 2018 Individual Artist
The Falcon, 2013 Special Citation
Abigail Rose Frank, 2019 Student with Exceptional Promise in the Arts
Linda Gillette, 2014 Arts in Education
Lara Giordano & Christine Marmo, 2015 Arts in Education
Trina Greene, 2018 Art in Public Places
Shelly Hamilton, 2013 Arts in Education
Hudson Valley Film Commission, 2019 Special Citation-Organization
Beth Humphrey, 2020 Arts in Education
Ione, 2019 Individual Artist
Stacey Jarit (posthumously), 2018 Special Citation
Garry Kvistad, 2014 Individual Artist
Susie Linn, 2020 Volunteer
Norm Magnussun, 2017 Art in Public Places
Maverick Concert Series, 2013 Special Citation
Jim McIntyre, 2018 Volunteer
Katharine L. McKenna, 2017 Patron
Ward Mintz & Floyd Lattin, 2019 Patrons
Linda Mary Montano, 2019 Artivist
Amy Mottola, 2016 Arts in Education
O+ Festival, 2014 Art in Public Places
Pauline Oliveros, 2015 Individual Artist
Robert Osgood, 2015 Patron
P&T Surplus, 2018 Business
Paper House Productions, 2015 Business/Corporation
Lucie Parker, 2018 Student with Exceptional Promise in the Arts
Matthew Pleva, 2020 Art in Public Places
R&F Handmade Paints, 2013 Business/Corporation
The Rosendale Cafe, 2019 Business
Rosendale Theatre Collective, 2020 Arts Organization
RUPCO, Inc., 2017 Business
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, 2016 Arts Organization
Shadowland Theatre, 2013 Arts Organization
Marker Syder, 2020 Individual Artist
Asa Spurlock, 2016 Student with Exceptional Promise in the Arts
Frank Waters, 2020 Artivist
Rick Whelan, 2019 Volunteer
Benjamin Wigfall, 2014 Special Citation
Vindora Wixom, 2020 Special Citation
Dale Wolfield, 2019 Arts in Education
Women’s Studio Workshop for au•gust art festival, 2016 Art in Public Places
Lynn Woods & Stephen Blauweiss for “Lost Rondout: A Story of Urban Removal”, 2017 Special Citation
Woodstock Artists Association, 2019 Arts Organization
Woodstock Film Festival, 2017 Arts Organization
Woodstock School of Art, 2015 Arts Organization
Roberta Ziemba, 2018 Arts in Education

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