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Art Walk Kingston


“Art Walk Kingston is an invaluable asset and contributes to the thriving artistic community in Kingston. I encourage everyone to join me for a weekend of fun and creativity, where each of our unique neighborhoods is highlighted through its diverse artists, performers, arts-based businesses and organizations.”

– Mayor Steve Noble


SEPTEMBER 21 – 22, 2019

140+ Artists showing work at 40+ studios and 20+ galleries!

Art Walk Kingston is a celebration of the arts and the local community. Over the course of two days, visitors and local residents are invited to explore three distinct areas of the city of Kingston and immerse themselves in a range of art and events. Paintings, photographs, drawings and sculptures are just some of the mediums that will be on display at home studios and galleries across the city ­ performers are invited to schedule performances to include during the tour. Whether you have a few hours or a full day, the event weekend will offer a broad range of art and activities for everyone. The event will be held from 12 – 5pm each day and is expected to feature over 100 artists showing work in private studios and galleries.

Printed maps are available in Kingston at Rough Draft, ARTBAR, Village Coffee & Goods and Kingston Wine Co. Visit the online map anytime through Art Walk weekend at:



MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Painting, Performance
About the Artist: Andrew Kaminski, MFA, is a visual artist that often merges realistic imagery into abstract backgrounds to depict a visualization of spirituality fusing into the physical. His acrylic and oil paintings on canvas, along with his intricate colored pencil work is inspired by William Blake, Vincent Van Gogh, and Alex Grey. The aim of his artwork is to activate Shakti, a life force which Kaminski has sought to convey as impressionistic mark making concentrated and dissipating into an electricity-like poltergeist visual phenomena that is literally born through a visceral realization of the absolute true self, or bliss state.



MEDIUM: Drawling/Illustration, Painting
About the Artist: My work is influenced by incidents of human tragedy and my own personal landscape. I use art historical images as reference, and draw from childhood memories as source material. I overlap shared experiences, perform private actions in public, and turn most paintings upside down to juxtapose non-narrative associations between historical events and my everyday life.






MEDIUM: Mixed-Medium, Painting, Photography, Encaustic
About the Artist: Yvonne Gunner is a UK artist who spent twenty five years creating unique art works in NYC before moving to Kingston ten years ago. A self taught artist she works in different mediums watercolor, encaustic and photography. Through creating, she explores the intricacies of her inner self, and how they relate to the world.





MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Painting
About the Artist: The Earth is riddled with its own ailments and so true of each organism that inhibit it. I am a visual artist with a lifelong interest in the human body, its relationship to the environment, and unseen stimuli. Within each creation there is a period of time spent mark making with the intention of syncing with the atmosphere’s rhythm.





MEDIUM: Mixed-Medium, Painting, Photography
About the Artist: Charlotte Tusch has been a life-long artist, exploring many mediums and approaches to making art. Self-taught, she has always been committed to her unique approach to painting and continues to show and have representation by galleries through-out the North East. For almost 4 decades she successfully curated and directed a gallery featuring fine art. While never losing sight of her commitment to creating art herself. “My paintings are molded by the emotional and intellectual experiences of my life. What is conveyed is the integrity of the moment. The works are atmospheric and mysterious in nature as well as sensual. The paintings have a slow, soft sense of movement. I work from an intuitive place, creating layers and allowing the moment to inform me. I’m amazed that whether I’m using a brush, palette knife, or pouring paint. My marks and gestures are uniquely my own and consistent. Abstraction has been the direction of my work for decades. I find it honest and perpetually changing, just as we all are”



MEDIUM: Musical Instruments
About the Artist: Chris Andersen is a musician, musical instrument maker and designer. He currently is building marimbas, various percussion instruments and experimental pieces in Kingston New York. Recently he has been working on glass instruments inspired by the work of Ernst Chladni and the French Baschet brothers. Chris also introduced the steel pan to Bali 15 years ago. He created the company Bali steel pan, which now sell their hand pan instruments internationally. Locally he plays with the Catskill mountain gamelan, preforming traditional Sundanese music. Both on a traditional set of instruments from Indonesia and his own “portable” gamelan tuned to the Sundanese selendro scale.



MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Mixed-Medium, Painting
About the Artist: I am an artist who abstracts the landscape in order to find patterns in nature. I was strictly an abstract artist until I made the leap to explore the possibilities of incorporating the realistic image into the realm of the abstract. Trees have emerged as the motif in which I could explore that possibility. The tree in many ways can be seen as a figure or the vertical against the horizontal as in a common figure/ground relationship. Within this context I discover relationships between elements of the forest. Groupings, dynamics and subtext occur to me as the images emerge. The figure (tree) stands in the landscape but at the same time is the landscape itself. A very important consideration for me is the negative space. Branches create connections that are easily described by the graphic line. There are times I equate the branches to our own nervous system with synapse and transference of energy making the leap which creates cognitive thought. The tree is as connected to the air as it is the earth. The space between is as solid as the subject. New shapes emerge as result. Forms and patterns become apparent as one looks deeper into these forests.



MEDIUM: Textile
About the Artist: Art for Living presents the textile arts of Deborah Mills Thackrey. She is printing her original photographic images on fabric as well as upcycling existing garments and textiles into new works including pillows, bags, clothing and upholstery.






MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Painting, Sculpture
About the Artist: Dennis Connors attended Academy of Fine Arts in Rome Italy and received his MFA at SUNY New Paltz. He works in multiple mediums of sculpture.







MEDIUM: Textile
About the Artist: Eighth Belle is a line of versatile and durable bags made from repurposed sailcloth, organic canvas and natural leather. The artist, Korina Brewer, is a sailor and derives much of her inspiration from nautical tradition and her time sailing on the Hudson River.






MEDIUM: Painting, Art Goodies
About the Artist: The paintings represent abstract images of memories and feelings of people, places and things I experienced from my travels across the United States.







MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Mixed-Medium, Sculpture
About the Artist: Hans van Meeuwen is a Dutch-born artist and moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2004. Prior to New York he lived for fourteen years in Cologne, Germany. Van Meeuwen has exhibited in various countries in Europe and in the USA. In addition to his sculptures, installations and drawings, van Meeuwen has designed several permanent public artworks. Van Meeuwen has showed his work in various galleries, non-profit exhibition spaces and solo exhibitions in museums. Hans van Meeuwen is a recipient of the Pollock Krasner Foundation grant and the Gottlieb Foundation grant. Van Meeuwen lives and works in Kingston, NY.



MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Painting, Sculpture
About the Artist: These are new works for me in a new medium. I’ve been sculpting heads for the past 35 years. Painting is new to me, and these self-portraits begin a series that are currently encompassing my full and entire focus. These paintings, 18 inches by 24 inches, acrylic, gold leaf, etc., on translucent drafting mylar, are… 1. much easier on these old bones than sculpting. 2. providing much needed excitement and titillation to my tired, old, three-dimensional soul. 3. Quoting Ad Reinhardt, “sculpture is what you back into when you’re looking at a painting”. They fit into a flat file. Huzzah!



MEDIUM: Furniture
About the Artist: I’m an original furniture maker. I make unique, thoughtful and joyful custom pieces out of local lumber. I love the combination of wood grain and color and making something by hand that will last for generations.






MEDIUM: Installation
About the Artist: inarticulate incorporated, an artist collective founded by Chelsea Culpepper, Aaron Lockhart, and Daniel Cardenas, presents its latest happening, “Department Store.” Opening September 21st, Department Store is Kingston’s newest boutique – a one-stop-shop for all things OPULENT. Live beyond your means this weekend ONLY! Run! Don’t Walk! Everything must go! Department Store closes September 22nd!






MEDIUM: Furniture
About the Artist: Vernacular Design is a woodworking studio focused on custom furniture and cabinetry. A design based on our clients specifications is the beginning of every project we undertake. We have been serving residential and commercial clients in the Hudson valley for 11 years.





MEDIUM: Photography
About the Artist: Photographer, architect, and pilot Jeffrey Milstein has had a love for aircraft since childhood. After graduating from the University of CA, Berkeley, Milstein used his passion for flying to inspire his art. Milstein is known for his aerial shots of cities, as well as his photos of aircraft mid-flight. His work has been featured in publications such as the NY Times, Time, European Photography, and LA Times. It has been showcased in both the US and Europe and is represented by Kopeikin Gallery in LA, Benrubi Gallery in NYC, Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto, and ARTITLEDcontemporary in the Netherlands.



MEDIUM: Sculpture, Furniture
About the Artist: A graduate of Pratt Institute’s Industrial Design Department, Johnny Poux has designed lighting and furniture for mass market, designed furniture and interiors for countless clients as well as created large scale kinetic sculpture and artwork. Johnny’s concrete designs were part of the early movement to use this versatile material in furniture and interiors. Johnny’s business has been located in Mid-Town Kingston for 16 years, and he is a member of the community design group of the Kingston Land Trust working on local design initiatives. Johnny lives with his wife and kids on the Rondout Creek in Rosendale.



MEDIUM: Textile
About the Artist: Kat Howard earned a BA in Creative Writing from Brandeis University in 2006, and worked at the Whitney Museum of American Art until 2010, when she left the museum world to pursue MFAs in Studio Art and Poetry, which she received from Mills College in 2013. Since graduating, she has been working as a fiber artist exhibiting her work. Kat makes art that addresses how the female body has been viewed through out history, with a raw, direct approach to narrative and an emphasis on texture. She also teaches weaving workshops. Kat lives and works in Kingston, New York.



MEDIUM: Bookbinding
About the Artist: Kate Patterson-Ueda earned her B.F.A. at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she was introduced to bookbinding, and began making handmade books. Binders in Manhattan and Long Island taught her the fine craft of book restoration, including leather tooling, embossing, and gold leaf. At her studio in the Catskill foothills, she offers a full range of bookbinding and restoration services, such as personalized photo albums for weddings, unique journals, repair of family heirloom and antique books, and more.




MEDIUM: Mixed-Medium, Painting, Sculpture
About the Artist: In my practice I explore the figure in a variety of materials and methods. Through sculpture and painting I want to engage the viewer in a reflective visual dialogue that engages what it means to be human, fragile and simultaneously a part of and disconnected from one’s surrounding environment.






MEDIUM: Textile
About the Artist: INDIKO creates clothing and other textiles using natural indigo dye, which designer Kosuke Ueda extracts by hand from true indigo plant. The uneven, organic color textures of indigo give Kosuke’s handmade products their one-of-kind character. Each piece is made entirely by hand in Kosuke’s studio in the Catskill foothills, and every step in the process is organic.





MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Painting
About the Artist: I graduated from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, 1975. I painted murals with elementary schools in Brooklyn, the CETA program in New Jersey, and CityArts Workshop, Manhattan. The Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Downtown showed my political protest stencils.After moving to the Hudson Valley in 1986, I designed and painted theater sets for regional companies and decorative work for interior designers. My art, exploring my dark past to joyous present, has been exhibited extensively, beginning with a solo show at James Cox Gallery, in 1989.I am coordinating an exhibition about Domestic Violence, GreenKill Gallery, and teaching private classes.


MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Painting
About the Artist: Lindsey Wolkowicz’s work examines the spaces we occupy through memory, perspective, relationship and psycho-dynamics. In her drawings, figure, surface, lines, geometry and color simultaneously interrupt and support one another. When present, bodies ground themselves in the “places” they occupy through touch, strength, concealment and connection. In her compositions, intersecting lines, partial views and planes of dislocated material produce windows into the felt, yet intangible, spaces we experience. Wolkowicz received her MFA from Pratt Institute in 2009. She moved from Brooklyn to Kingston in 2017 and created the 2018 O+ mural “Lifted” on the exterior of Anne Hebard School of Ballet.


MEDIUM: Photography
About the Artist: Margrit Wenzel creates compositions depicting everyday life, abstracting reality into a scene which pulls the viewer in, begging them to stop and smell the roses. After attending the Fashion Institute of Technology and receiving a BFA in Photography, Margrit bought a house in Kingston and began her life as a working artist, creating in any spare time available, working towards finding her vision and voice in the art world. Born and raised in Kingston NY, Margrit Wenzel currently lives in downtown Kingston with her partner and two dogs.



MEDIUM: Painting, Sculpture









MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Mixed-Medium
About the Art: Matthew Pleva is an artist/illustrator who focuses on small scale handmade paper dioramas, many of which incorporate a pop culture theme. He has also recently expanded his range of scale by completing 2 large murals in the city.





MATTHEW PLEVA – Presented by Revolution Bicycles

MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Painting
About the Art: Stop by this permanent outdoor mural installation at Revolution Bicycle (especially if you are doing your studio visits on your bicycle!) created by artist Matthew Pleva.






MEDIUM: Painting
About the Artist: I enjoy painting when the light plays on the surface of the waters, when trees, mountains, and sky weave their forms with a lake or a stream. I have been painting since a child. In 1986 after graduating from The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, I made Woodstock, NY my home.




MEDIUM: Mixed-Medium, Sculpture
About the Artist: By combining self-foraged and hand-crafted materials, Murphy Munday creates unique, nature-enhanced decorative arrows and art.







MEDIUM: Ceramics, Mixed-Medium, Painting
About the Artist: Neville Bean is a designer and art director. Her work includes a diverse mixture of projects ranging from graphic design to prop making, from fashion design to video art direction. As a hands-on maker, sewing and patternmaking were her first skills. Years ago, she also began creating in clay. ONE is conceived as a series of small collections… All one of a kind… All handmade… All unique. Ceramics, Mixed Media Paintings, Textile accessories and Jewelry. The collection is very material based, created in thematic groups, all with an eye to texture, form and color juxtapositions.



MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Mixed-Medium, Painting, Photography
About the Artist: Patti Gibbons’ life is inspired by the beauty of the Hudson Valley, a place that has captured her heart and creative muse. She has shown her work regionally and internationally, taught art for 21 years, then left her career to immerse herself in art. Her work is varied: the landscape inspires her poetic muse, mixed media is a voice for telling stories, and her abstract drawings emerge from the subconscious, “The studio is a dream world. Once the door is closed the outside world shut out, it is an escape to a place of wonder, exploration, and healing.




MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Painting
About the Artist: Rebecca Hellard completed her BS in Visual Arts at SUNY New Paltz in 2016, and currently works at R&F Handmade Paints, and as a program coordinator and teacher for the Department of Regional Art Workers (D.R.A.W.) in Kingston, NY. Her art began as a rebellion against art “norms” as she began her practice—art as masculine, sterile, unsentimental—and an affirmation of herself as a woman in that art world. It became a juxtaposition of the traditional painting techniques she learned in art school and her interest in those things that were feminine, soft, and often funny. With her watercolors, she explores that ambiguous line between concepts that are conventionally at odds—the beautiful and the ugly, the tender and the horrific, the funny and the tragic.



MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration
About the Artist: Kingston-based illustrator, exhibition designer, and children’s author, REDSHARKBOY (aka Marker Snyder) strives to bring the worlds of imagination and creativity into our everyday lives. From obsessive doodles to magical messes, expect to make friends with adorable animals, adventurous sea creatures, lovable monsters, and much, much more.





MEDIUM: Mixed-Medium
About the Artist: Born and bred in NYC. Lived and worked in Vieques,PR for 9 years. Two and half years new to Kingston,NY. Hunter College, MFA. Been doing art, especially collage, since the age of five.







MEDIUM: Up cycling art, henna & body painting
About the Artist: My love for nature and art started in my childhood on the coast of northern California. I grew up in a off grid log cabin just under the Redwood trees with a my hippie family. I was taught to use my imagination and explore my creativity. Being transplanted to the Hudson Valley 31 years ago I now find my inspiration on the shores of Hudson. I incorporate driftwood into my upcycling art, using it as streams for my florescent sunset flowers. I like to repurpose plastic bottle’s it helps keep it out of the oceans. My artwork is whimsical and bright when lit up by blacklight and is meant to be interacted with at events. I also adorn the body as a canvas with henna and bodypainting.




MEDIUM: Ceramics
About the Artist: My current work involves combining slab pieces of different shapes, textures and colors to create harmony. Like the bits and pieces of life and experiences that don’t always make sense individually, I hope to find connections and create a story that has some kind of meaning for myself and the viewer. I don’t expect everyone to find the same story, but rather that each person who sees my pieces finds something meaningful to them.





MEDIUM: Photography
About the Artist: In addition to my own fine art pieces, my studio is working to bring back an appreciation for truly having your portrait made. In a time of endless selfies existing only on your phone and in the cloud, I push to leave something real and special for our future generations.





MEDIUM: Mixed-Medium, Photography, Sculpture
About the Artist: My art started by just simply hiking around the Catskills and locating picturesque backgrounds to build sculptures. I photograph and sell these images as well as the actual sculptures, often removing them from the wilderness to reassemble once again . My objective is to recycle nature and create objects that you need to use your imagination to see. The natural elements used in my art healing and meditative energy most spaces. Through my art it is my hope that you as the observer and seer feel the grounded medicine of the earth and her elements. My art also serves as a warm and meditative backdrop. The vibration of natural element in art expression add a frequency of tranquility and balance to your life with my arm and organic toxic free home decor. I offer more then just art but I creative mind.


ZELDA (aka Judith Z. Miller)

MEDIUM: Painting, Photography
About the Artist: Zelda (aka Judith Z. Miller) is a multifaceted artist/performer/producer who explores the themes of connection to the Earth, spirituality, sexuality, and gender. Zelda lives in an erotic, musical, spiritual universe; she sculpts, writes, photographs, performs, plays percussion, dances, and collaborates with other artists as a way of coping with its beauty, sensuality, frustrations, and ecstasies. She is a trained actor and self-trained visual artist who is inspired by the beauty of nature and the guiding force of her intuition. Images shown this year are created on live models using florescent paint photographed under blacklight, then hand-painted.





MEDIUM: Ceramics, Drawing/Illustration, Mixed-Medium, Painting, Performance, Photography, Sculpture, Textile
EXHIBITING ARTIST: Jeremy Legge and Denise Fryburg plus an exhibition from our members in all media
About the Gallery: The Arts Society of Kingston (ASK) is one of the largest member-driven arts organizations in Ulster County. We have two gallery spaces, a classroom and 99-seat theater space. ASK hosts 24 fine art exhibits every year, with openings on the first Saturday of the month. Classes in performing and visual arts for kids through adults are available, including swing dancing and live figure drawing. Nearly every weekend ASK is presenting music, comedy, theater or dance.


MEDIUM: Ceramics, Drawing/Illustration, Mixed-Medium, Painting
Calligraphy & Live Demonstrations
EXHIBITING ARTIST: Elinor Aishah Holland, Nini de la Torre, Jena Argenta, Mehran Farahbakhsh, & others
About the Gallery: Brush & Reed Fine Art Calligraphy Studio is the only art space of its kind. Our traditional workshops, private banquets, and exploratory courses host calligraphic traditions and contemporary manifestations from around the world. The private gallery showcases the presence of calligraphy as a growing trend in contemporary art and design. At Brush & Reed, calligraphy is neither mono-lingual nor just beautiful writing: It is the providence of love letters. Language-based visual arts are grounded in disciplined, meditative practices that present unique bridges for peace, healing, and a refined sense of beauty and inclusion. Brush & Reed offers traditional calligraphy workshops within a variety of global traditions. Exploratory courses are also offered in Movement-Based Calligraphy, Sound & Ink Therapies, Flow States, and more.


MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Mixed-Medium, Painting, Photography
About the Gallery: At Cornell Creative Arts Center, every person is supported, encouraged, empowered and accepted into an environment where they are provided with rich opportunities to learn and grow their artistic talents. We are excited to open our Ceramics Studio in Midtown Kingston! People who enroll in pottery classes offered by the CCAC will participate an integrated program that serves Midtown Kingston, providing affordable and comprehensive access to the arts to both people with and without disabilities. Come check out our wheel-throwing and pottery wheel classes and see our studio’s electric and gas kilns, and our accessible pottery wheel! (Entrance on Bruyn Street)


MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Mixed-Medium, Painting, Sculpture
About the Gallery: Design Gallery Kingston showcases paintings, mixed media works, design books and objets d’art by Hudson Valley artists and designers.







MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Mixed-Medium, Painting, Book arts
EXHIBITING ARTIST: Beth Humphery, Judith Hoyt, Jenny Lee Fowler, Carole Struve, Tom Sarrantonio, Lara Giordano, Rebecca Hellard, Stephen Lewis, Wayne Montecalvo
About the Gallery: Kingston Artist Collective is a gallery, performance space and a café, focused on bringing creative people together. The Gallery is curated by the Pop Up Gallery Group, a high school, work study program, focused on job training through the arts. PUGG is a program of the Dept. of Regional Art Workers, (The D.R.A.W.) is the education arm of the Midtown Arts District.



MEDIUM: Painting
EXHIBITING ARTIST: Scott Michael Ackerman
About the Gallery: The store represents an unexpected blend of 20th Century furnishings, art, lighting, decorative objects and gifts. The eclectic mix includes an ever-changing vintage selection of both American and European midcentury masters, along with many hand selected pieces that simply have incredible style. Located in the historic stockade district of Kingston NY, the shop is the result of two men’s passion for collecting and seeking out the rare and unique.



MEDIUM: Jewelry, Painting
EXHIBITING ARTIST: Laura Gurton- painter, Morgan Mikula- jeweler, Sherri Cohen- jewelry and textile
About the Gallery: Facets of Earth is a jewelry gallery featuring a collection of independent designers from around the globe. Our open workshop allows viewers to watch jewelry pieces come to life. We also feature local artists on our gallery walls.





MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Mixed-Medium, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Video
EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Doug Baulos, Megan Callanan, Daniel Cardenas, Susan Spencer Crowe, Chelsea Culpepper, Jonathan Gann, Hudson Hatfield, inarticulate incorporated, Katelin Kirby, Madison Lavallee, Christian Little, Aaron Lockhart, Andrew Lyght, Nathan Miller, Val Piraino, Harriette Slagle, Simon Tosky, Angela Rose Voulgarelis
About the Gallery: Ferrovia Studios is an artist-owned and operated studio space in a former warehouse building on Railroad Avenue in midtown Kingston, New York. Run for the sole purpose of keeping working artists working, the 15,000 square foot mixed-use building offers a select number of artists studios, a 7,500 square foot ground floor space, gallery and exhibition space, and two retail storefronts. Each studio comes with high ceilings, ample natural lighting, wi-fi and full electrical hook-ups. Most power for the building is generated on-site by solar power.


MEDIUM: Photography
EXHIBITING ARTISTS: “Terefu & Her Children: An Ethiopian-Israeli Odyssey” A Film & Photography Project By Lowell Handler
About the Gallery: Located in the Pajama Factory in Midtown Kingston, Gallery Fifty5 is an integrative space that supports artists and the Hudson Valley.We strive to connect with the community, create an environment that fosters big ideas, and collaborate with creators to bring their vision to life.




MEDIUM: Jewlery
EXHIBITING ARTIST: Raychel Wengenroth, Russell Jones, Stephanie Maddalena, Lissa Queeney, Lisa Spiros, Hannah Wilson, Caleb Anderson
About the Gallery: Hudson Valley Silverworks is a fully equipped Jewelry & Silversmithing school, welcoming students to explore a wide variety of skills and techniques in an exciting, open and encouraging environment. Visiting instructors add to the broad range of enriching topics available to all skill levels in this well equipped, spacious and sun filled studio. Come meet instructors and students, see the space, and learn what’s offered in the upcoming session.



MEDIUM: Mixed-Medium
EXHIBITING ARTIST: Judith Hoyt, Hudson Valley Bee Habitat, Dan Goldman, Greg Patch, Star Nigro & Hodge Center’s after school youth program, Megan Offner, Norm Magnusson
About the Gallery: We are an area for creating and exchanging ideas: a meeting space for community groups as well as a gallery for socially engaged art. This month we are showing artists creating with a mindfulness for the health of the planet and a concern for the communities impacted by our climate crisis.



MEDIUM: Ceramics
EXHIBITING ARTIST: Susan Burlew, Sean Calyer, Rosalind Dickinson, Lex Feldheim, Corinna Geib, Nathan Gwirtz, Grace Moore, Lisa Rosenthal, Eric Roth, Susan Whelan
About the Gallery: Kingston Ceramics Studio is a community clay space that offers classes, open studio membership, workshops, private lessons and parties, and Kingston Clay Day. Come see what our instructors, members and studio assistants have been working on for Art Walk!





MEDIUM: Ceramics, Drawing/Illustration, Mixed-Medium, Painting, Photography
About the Gallery: With a twice monthly exhibition schedule the Kingston Pop Museum offers much more outside of artist exhibition, representation, and showcase events. The Pop Museum provides artist creative services such as management, promotions, marketing and hospitality. The Pop Museum will also have a retail merchandise store called the Pop Shop to promote and sell artist merchandise. The Kingston Pop Museum currently has six artist live and work loft spaces.



MEDIUM: Photography
EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Jordan Mary, Margrit Wenzel
About the Gallery: Local Artisan Bakery celebrates the art of baking – featuring local Hudson Valley ingredients and new flavors every week. We also celebrate the arts of others with gallery style art shows, pop-up events, and the Local Artisan Gift Collective – a curated collection of gifts handmade by local Hudson Valley artisans.




MAD Lace

MEDIUM: Ceramics, Drawing/Illustration, Mixed-Medium, Painting, Photography, Sculpture
EXHIBITING ARTIST: Daniel Venture, Chris O’Neal, Zelda (aka Judith Z. Miller), Michael Citron, Brian Fekete, Martha Hill, Lynn Woods, Christina Fusco, Michael Fusco, Susan Whelan, James Porter, Lynn Herring, Ray Curran, James Martin
About the Gallery: This is one of galleries located on the ground floor of the Lace Mill on Cornell Street.





MEDIUM: Photography
About the Gallery: NIXONLOFTWORKS: Creative Salon is a joint venture between poet, author, artist Will Nixon and his friend, photographer George J Nicholson. It’s mission is to host “concentrated” art exhibits, poetry and author readings, and creative discussion groups at Nixon’s loft in the Shirt Factory of downtown Kingston. This inaugural showing will feature Nicholson’s “FIFTEEN WINDOWS That Tell a Story,” fifteen fine art stretched canvas photographic prints each 15” x 15” square. Works on display will be for sale as well as other books and smaller works of this active Hudson Valley photographer.



MEDIUM: Ceramics, Drawing/Illustration, Mixed-Medium, Photography
About the Gallery: Established in 2019, North Front Gallery is located in the Stockade District of Uptown Kingston, NY, in an 1800 sqft space. The collection includes vintage furniture from the 20th & 21st century, pieces designed by Bjoern Markus Scheffler and curated objects collected during travels. Bjoern Markus spent 21 years in the fashion industry, creating the visual aesthetic at Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein and Givenchy, while living in Hamburg, Paris, Milan and New York City.



MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Mixed-Medium, Painting
EXHIBITING ARTISTS: In partnership with SHRINE gallery in NYC, One Mile Gallery is pleased to present a group show with works by: Omari Douglin , Works from the Friern Hospital Collection, Margaret Mousseau, Nate Plotkinm Prophet Royal Robertson, Sarah Schechter
About the Gallery: One Mile Gallery lives in one of the few remaining 18th century buildings in the historic “Rondout” neighborhood of Kingston, New York. The gallery represents both local and international artists, some well-established, some not.



MEDIUM: Painting
About the Gallery: Pinkwater Gallery is the brainchild of abstract artist Anne Sanger, whose exhibit ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Climate Change’ will debut at the gallery’s grand opening in Uptown Kingston on September 7.





MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration
EXHIBITING ARTIST: Artworks reflecting on the personal journeys of participants in Adelante, a program hosted by Vassar College that guides undocumented youth in New York towards their futures.
About the Gallery: The Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History opened its new gallery space in 2018. Our gallery is the only space in Kingston devoted to the history of the Rondout neighborhood and the immigrant stories of the Hudson Valley, past and present.



MEDIUM: Jewelry, Mixed-Medium, Sculpture, Textile, One-of-a-Kind Art Dolls
EXHIBITING ARTIST: Sue Cannella, Ileana Hernandez Carafas, Valerie Gladstone, Denise Giardullo, Barbara Jones, Kenkin Dolls, Alexandra Wilde Langley, Maria Markovich, Maggie Newman, Anne Pike-Tay, Deborah Robinson, Dallas Sills, Elizabeth Soldano, Lisa Starger, Suji, Karen B. VanEtten
About the Gallery: The Uncanny Gallery features one-of-a-kind art dolls, figurative sculpture and related artwork. We present an eclectic selection of fine art in this niche genre by a diverse and talented group of artists. Our mission is to share an art form with collectors and the general public that we are passionate about, to support and promote fellow doll artists.




About the Event:  The organizers of Art Walk Kingston sometimes find time to do their artwork as well as manage this amazing event! Be sure to stop over at Village Coffee and Goods, 17 Railroad Avenue and check out original work from Joe Gonzalez, Linda Marston-Reid, Scott Marston-Reid, Barbara Scott and Rick Whelan.








About the Event:  Kingston Design Connection connects Hudson Valley designers to each other; to potential clients; and to the growing Kingston design scene. The second annual Kingston Design Showhouse brings together 16 design professionals from across the Hudson Valley, together with makers, artists and local companies to design spaces in an 1800s house in Kingston. October 11-26, 2019. Stop in at 302 Clinton Avenue for an early sneak peek at the work being done on this incredible project. Featured designers: Heart & Soil Flowers; Amanda Sanchioni; Foley&Cox; Catherine Gerry Interiors; Damour Drake; Marla Walker Interiors; mercer INTERIOR; Jennifer Salvemini; Ana Claudia Design; Hendley & Co; Transformative Spacing; HF Interiors; Alexandra Studios; Amy Ilias and Amy Row; Flavor Paper; Gabriel de la Portilla



About the Event:  As you’re strolling along Broadway in the Rondout Neighborhood of Kingston, visiting the galleries and local studios, stop in and join us for a wine tasting! This special event is FREE and will only be held on Saturday between 1-3pm.







About the Event:  Since the festival began in 2010, a total of 36 O+ murals have been created by artists in Kingston. Join us for a free one hour guided walking tour of murals in midtown, starting from Keegan Ales on Saturday, Sept. 21st at 5pm. O+ empowers communities to take control of their collective wellbeing through the exchange of art, music, and wellness.? This year, underinsured artists and musicians will create and perform in exchange for a variety of services donated by doctors, dentists and complementary care providers in the O+ Artists’ Clinic during our festival on Oct. 11-13. Please visit: for more information.




About the Event:  Artists have been important catalysts of the resurgence of both the Rondout and Midtown neighborhoods. Join a group of art lovers as we do a walking tour of the Rondout on Saturday, Sept. 21, or in Midtown on Sunday, Sept. 22. We’ll stop in galleries and studios; meet some artists and entrepreneurs; and take in each neighborhood’s history, architecture, public art, incredible repurposed buildings, and streetscape while seeing a variety of art mediums, including painting, sculpture, mixed-media, calligraphy, and photography. Susan DeMark, creator of Mindful Walker tours, will lead the walks. Tours are 1:00-3:00 p.m.
Click to book: Saturday Rondout Tour or Sunday Midtown Tour




About the Event:  Slow Made is a collective of locally made artisan goods. Slow Made has partnered with Lis Bar to create this special outdoor artisan event in Midtown Kingston. Lis Bar will be serving a lunch menu cooked on an outdoor wood fired grill along with natural wine and craft beer. We are located just across the tracks from the Lace Mill! Featuring: NON Jewelry, Eighth Belle, Tienda Salsita, Tellefsen Atelier, Lark Kidder, (203) Butik, Cross Country Vintage, Rani Ban, The Binderie, Samantha Strand, Jen Kelly and Fox Farm Apiary. NOTE: this event will be open on Sunday only, 12-5pm.




About the Event:  After exploring Art Walk, chill out with Spaghetti Eastern Music’s after-party entertainment at the Kingston Artist Collective + Café in the Rondout. Spaghetti Eastern Music is the solo project of Saugerties-based guitarist, keyboardist and singer Sal Cataldi, who fuses Eastern beat, blues, techno and funk-influenced electric guitar instrumentals with gentle acoustic vocal tunes and looping, straight out of the John Martyn/Nick Drake songbook. The New York Times proclaims he has “a beat unmistakably his own.” Saturday, September 21, 5:00-7:00 p.m. 63 Broadway, Kingston.



Photo: Artist: Andrew Kaminski. Model: Rev. Goddess Charmaine



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About the Event:  Art Walk’s Second Annual Zelda’s Happening black-light body-painting percussive dance party! A multi-sensory event in a magical, glowing, environment. Join musicians, artists, dancers and photographers – interact, get painted with fluorescent body-paint, or just observe. Environment created with up-cycled materials by: Sativa Haskell, Andrew Kaminski, Zelda (aka Judith Z. Miller). Zelda’s Happening will be at the Lace Mill – 165 Cornell Street – in The Lace Mill Workroom. Saturday, September 21, 7-10:00 pm. $10-$25 requested donation supporting CITIZEN ACTION! NY. This event is for ages 21+




Thanks to everyone who registered for Art Walk Kingston 2019!
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