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Artwalk Kingston



Art Walk Kingston is a celebration of the arts and the local community. Over the course of two days, visitors and local residents are invited to explore three distinct areas of the city of Kingston and immerse themselves in a range of art and events. Paintings, photographs, drawings and sculptures are just some of the mediums that will be on display at home studios and galleries across the city ­ performers are invited to schedule performances to include during the tour. Whether you have a few hours or a full day, the event weekend will offer a broad range of art and activities for everyone. The event will be held from 12 – 5pm each day and will feature over 100 artists in private studios, galleries and special events.



MEDIUM: Sculpture, Drawing/Illustration
About the Artist: Hans van Meeuwen is a Kingston based, Dutch-born artist. Prior to New York he lived for fourteen years in Cologne, Germany. Van Meeuwen has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Cologne, Bonn, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the Czech Republic. In addition to his sculptures, installations and drawings, van Meeuwen has designed several permanent public artworks.





MEDIUM: Sculpture, Drawing/Illustration
About the Artist: Kingston Ceramics Studio is a place for members and students to learn about and make pottery and ceramic sculpture.







MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Mixed-Medium, Painting
About the Artist: Lindsey Wolkowicz is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the ways we build and occupy space through memory, perspective, relationship and psychodynamics. Both the influence of her hometown of Detroit, and her decade in New York City can be felt through the presence of grand, sometimes dilapidated, architectural lines in her work, as well as her awareness of the body in space. In her drawings, figure, surface, lines, geometry and color simultaneously interrupt and support one another. Within three-dimensional space, objects and architectural surrounds are constructed to promote a physical and evocative connection with the body of the viewer. While the human form as a subject moves in and out of the work, the human relationship to place is always present through scale, perspective, and associations with color, pattern and form. Drawing is at the center of her studio practice but Wolkowicz’s work also moves into the realm of sculpture, photography, and performance/video installation through ongoing collaborative projects with her partner Dillon Paul. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and she received her MFA in Painting/ Drawing from Pratt Institute in 2009. She recently moved from Brooklyn to Kingston, NY where she now works and lives with her partner and their daughter.



MEDIUM: Jewelry
About the Artist: Lissa is a jeweler, model maker, and metalsmith, who teaches the many facets of stone setting at Hudson Valley Silverworks. Lissa received the Van Cleef & Arpels Design Award from the Fashion Institute of Technology upon graduation. Followed by working at VC&A as a designer and bench jeweler. She was a co-owner of the retail/wholesale jewelry company Spirit of Two, who sold their work to galleries across the United States. They maintained a gallery and studio in the Rondout section of Kingston, after moving the business up from the meatpacking district in Manhattan.



MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Mixed-Medium, Painting
About the Artist: I have been interested in making dimensional paintings for many years. I often work inn series. There are many series such as the cutout series, 4 floating panels, the zipper series. The latest is a series of 6 house shapes playing with primary colors along one horizontal line.





MEDIUM: Photography
About the Artist: Hi, I’m Matt. I find people fascinating and I’ve been using photography to study them for the past 15 years. I believe everyone could benefit from forming a mission statement for their life and mine is currently the lofty goal of “helping unify society through art”…even if my imagery doesn’t end up uniting society, i hope it at least inspires you to do something constructive, like question your own place in the world.




MEDIUM: Sculpture
About the Artist: Millicent Young was born in New York City in 1958 and attended at Dalton School where she began her art study. Shortly after receiving her MFA from James Madison University, she received her first of two Professional Fellowship Awards from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Exhibiting widely, her work has been recognized by curators and directors from institutions including DIA, New Museum, and Whitney Museum. Young’s work received a top award at the 2005 Biennale in Florence, Italy. Young recently returned to teaching at Vermont College of Fine Arts, a low residency MFA program.



MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Painting, Collage
About the Artist: Patti Gibbons has spent most of her life residing in and being inspired by the Catskills and Hudson Valley, a place that has captured both her heart and creative muse. Immersed in the arts from an early age, she has shown her work regionally and internationally, and has been an working artist for over 40 years. Patti’s narrative works explore the natural and subconscious world through collage, drawing, and painting.
“The studio is a dream world. Once the door is closed the outside world shut out, it is an escape to a place of wonder, exploration, and healing.


ZELDA (aka Judith Z. Miller)

MEDIUM: Drawing/Illustration, Painting, Performance, Photography, Sculpture
About the Artist: Zelda (aka Judith Z. Miller) is a multifaceted artist who lives in an erotic, musical, spiritual universe. As a feminist Jew who studies shamanism, she is inspired by the beauty of nature and the guiding force of her intuition as she explores the themes of connection to the Earth, spirituality, sexuality and gender. She sculpts, draws, writes, performs, photographs, and is an ecstatic dancer/percussionist/healer. Zelda has lovingly transformed her apartment at the Lace Mill into a shamanic healing space with hand-carved trees flying in mid-air from the vaulted ceilings surrounded by photographs of nature, spiritual self-portraits, collages, and mannequins decorated with healing amulets. Zelda co-founded The Fine Line Actors Theatre in Washington DC and performed at such venues as Source, GALA Hispanic Theatre and the Kennedy Center in DC, in NYC at WOW Café Theatre and Dixon Place, and with the TMI Project in Kingston. Currently Zelda is workshopping Que Será, Será (Whatever Will Be, Will Be), a multi-media one-person show that chronicles the joys and challenges of navigating non-binary Queerness from a childhood in the 1950s to adulthood. She published in Inside Arts magazine, The Washington Post, and American Theatre magazine. Zelda currently resides at the Lace Mill artist residence in Kingston NY with her Great Dane “Z.”





MEDIUM: Jewelry
PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Raychel Wengenroth, Lissa Queeney, Sara Beames, Sherri Cohen, Marysa Sacerdote
About the Gallery: Hudson Valley Silverworks is a Jewelry & Silversmithing school located in the Shirt Factory. We welcome the public to come visit the studio, watch live demonstrations and see beautiful handmade jewelry works for sale by several local jewelers!


MEDIUM: Photography
About the Gallery: the idea garden is both a gallery focused on socially engaged art, as well as a meeting space for events. Our mission is to facilitate the exchange and development of ideas at the individual, small group, and community level.


MEDIUM: Ceramics, Mixed-Medium, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Textile, Furniture
PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Kelli Galloway – Hops Petunia, Scott Zimmer – Zimmer Gardens, Michael Van Nort, Charles Farruggio – FRED, Margie Strange – South Manor, Maryline Damour – Damour Drake, Amanda Riha, Kymien Nguyen, Christine Edwards, Kate Cummings – Freestyle Restyle, bluecashew, Jay Teske Leather Co., Eight Belle, Kat Howard, Carla Rozman
About the Gallery:  Kingston Design Connection connects Hudson Valley designers to each other and to the growing Kingston design scene through the Kingston Design Showhouse, October 5-28, 2018.


MEDIUM: Photography
PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Corey Arnold, Brenda Barcel, Alva Bernadine, Margaret Bourke-White, Elinor Carucci, Daesha Devon Harris, John Huba, Kenro Izu, Yumiko, Raymond Jacobs, William Klein, Oliver Klink, Eliott Landy, Jungjin Lee, Arthur Leipzig, Lisa Levine, Leon Levinstein, Vivian Maier, Mary Ellen Mark, Janice Mehlman, Ray K. Metzker, Joel Meyerowitz, John M. Miller, Jeffrey Milstein, Ber Murphy, Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Arnold Newman, Matthew Pillsbury, Colleen Plumb, Terrence Reese, Justine Reyes, Aaron Rezny, Joanne Savio, Valerie Staff, Ernest Stone, Allan Tannenbaum, Martin Weber, Weegee, Minor White, and more.
About the Gallery:  Prince Street Studios, LLC is proud to host a preview exhibition for the CPW Award & Benefit Auction in collaboration with the Center for Photography at Woodstock. This exhibition features renowned early, modern and contemporary photographers across a great range of genres. Photographs range from poignant compositions articulating the human condition to stunning abstractions. The gallery is open during the Art Walk Kingston and otherwise by appointment.


Artist Registration for Art Walk Kingston 2018 is now open!

If you are an artist who lives or works in Kingston or a local gallery in Kingston, join us for Art Walk Kingston and register HERE.

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